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Legacy Transitions

Oct 7, 2019

Why is it taking so long to shift into retirement?


A lot of people ask this — and it’s usually because they tried to make the shift alone! People tell themselves that asking for help is a weakness, that it’s a waste of money. How could not working be hard? The ads sure make it look fun!


If only it were that easy.


The road to a successful retirement is paved with the hard work of accepting that your work identity is over and that you must create a new identity that you feel confident, comfortable, and excited about. 


There are many factors that will influence this new identity. What do you really want to do? What’s your financial situation like? Your family situation? Your circle of friends? 


There’s a lot to consider, and this new persona isn’t going to appear overnight. In fact it may take many months, if not a few years, to truly manifest itself. But you have to accept that change has to happen if you don’t get caught up in a Murray-esque Groundhog Day. 


This is the time of your life that you really have the chance to make it all about Legacy!


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