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Legacy Transitions

Sep 2, 2019

Being busy in our jobs – managing hectic schedules and the stress of the daily grind – makes us visualize what would our life be after retirement; a happy and relaxed space where we can chill out endlessly! But once retirement actually approaches, the endless leisure and free time can become overkill. 


If you are nearing retirement or are already retired and don’t have a plan, this is for you!


Without a concrete plan after retirement, many professionals feel empty and restless, craving for a new direction and new purpose but unsure of where or what that might be. Paying attention to financials is important when you retire, but it is equally important that you focus on your mental and emotional health. 


Being in a job gives you a chance to experience promotion and success, awards and opportunities for recognition, and the company of your workplace friends and colleagues. But what fills that gap once you retire?


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